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Save time with automatic subtitling software. Instantly generate subtitles and closed captions for videos in just minutes. 30 minutes of upload absolutely free, and no credit card required.

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1 Upload your audio & video files

Upload your audio & video files in any format. Subtitles will then be generated automatically using AI software.

2 Automatically generate subtitle / closed caption

Subtitles are automatically generated from your file. Automatically translate your subtitles to 50+ languages.

3 Check and Export

Easily proofread your subtitles with our advanced subtitle editor and export in SRT or VTT.

Adding subtitles to videos will get you more views.

Having subtitles not only opens your content up for a wider audience, but also improves SEO by letting Google crawl your videos.


Easily Edit Your Subtitles

With Maestra’s text editor you can easily proofread and edit your English subtitles, or automatically translate your subtitles in 50+ foreign languages at no additional cost.

  • Export in SubRip(.srt), WebVTT(.vtt)
  • Add subtitles to video permanently
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Use Maestra embed player to share your video with automatically generated subtitles in multiple languages.
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Access and share your account on multiple devices and with multiple people.


Process is completely automated and secure.

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Generate subtitles automatically in
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