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Benefits Of Subtitling Videos To Reach An International Audience

Akiva Aranoff May 1, 2021
Benefits Of Subtitling Videos To Reach An International Audience

Studies show that videos are one of the most influential ways to attract an audience, and over a billion videos are streamed each day on YouTube alone. Staying ahead of the game on streaming platforms by producing useful and great content is one of the best ways for businesses to gain global exposure. Adding video subtitles is an excellent way to ensure that your videos are noticed by a wider audience.

The following are some of the benefits of subtitles and how they help in expanding the reach of your content:

1. SEO Boost:

Adding video subtitles to your YouTube content immediately flips the switch in your favor, as the YouTube algorithm ranks your video higher in the search results when you have captions and subtitles in your videos, since search engines are not capable of understanding the context of your videos without subtitles.

By accessing the embedded subtitles, search engines are able to understand what the video is all about. This enables search engines to rank your videos using the keywords of your video, and helps your videos reach the proper audience.

2. Widening your reach:

One of the major benefits of subtitles is that it helps a wider audience access your content. For example, subtitles make it easier for people with hearing impairment to enjoy your videos.

Having subtitles also means that the viewer need not know the language in which the content has been originally produced in order to understand or enjoy it. In order to reach more people, you could use subtitles to reach an international audience.

3. Better and enhanced viewing experience:

The benefits of subtitles play a significant role in enhancing the experience of the viewer even if they are fully aware of the language. When streaming videos while traveling or commuting, it is not always possible to listen to the audio. Subtitled videos can help in ensuring a better viewing experience for the commuter.

4. Targeting the audience on a global scale:

Subtitled videos can help companies and brands reach an international audience without having to produce the content separately for different regions in different languages.

Subtitles are a cost-effective way to reach a global customer base. For example, a cell phone manufacturer in China can produce one instructional video on a product in Chinese, but can provide subtitling options in over 20 languages, which can help consumers in other countries understand the content.

Bottom line:

Now that we have explored a few out of the many benefits of adding subtitles to your video content, we can clearly understand that it has a relatively positive effect in helping your content reach a wider audience. Move your content in the right direction, and take the extra time to add this notch to your content. To create subtitles for your videos in just minutes, you can use Maestra to automatically subtitle your videos to over 50 languages!

Akiva Aranoff May 1, 2021

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