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How to Easily Share Your Transcripts and Audio Files Online

Aaron Johnson Published on Dec 25, 2019

Tired of having to upload large audio recordings to your email? We know we are.

Maestra does way more than just transcribe your audio files. Now at no additional cost, you can easily share your transcripts and audio recordings online with just a single link, using MaestraCloud:

Nope, not this cloud.

This cloud:

Maestra Web Interface

Although not as white and fluffy, MaestraCloud helps you get your work done faster, so you can spend more time gazing at the ones in the skies.

MaestraCloud lets you share your recordings by sharing just a simple link, like this one: Click Here. Anyone with access to this link will be able to view your files online.

To share via MaestraCloud all you need to do is click the share button on your transcripts, and toggle “Sharable link” to “On.”

Share Options

Click on the link to have it automatically copied to your clipboard, then paste and share to wherever you’d like!

And that’s it!

Thanks for reading, and please send us a message if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you at Support@MaestraSuite.com!

Aaron Johnson Published on Dec 25, 2019

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