Frequently Asked Questions

How does MaestraSuite work?

MaestraSuite is an automatic transcription platform that allows you to create easy and affordable transcripts. Download MaestraSuite then select your video or audio file and click “upload.” Our automatic processor will then transcribe your files and send them back to you incredibly fast. Edit your transcripts in our advanced and easy to use text editor, then save and share.

Can I share my account with multiple people and devices?

Yes. You can share your account info with multiple people, and you can access your MaestraSuite account on multiple devices under the same account.

Can I switch plans?

Sure! Feel free to switch plans. The new plan you choose will be billed when you choose it, and any additional minutes used will reflect your new plan.

How does billing work?

Your subscription will include 30 free credits per month. If you choose to upgrade, a monthly subscription fee, which includes 100 or 500 credits per month, will be applied. Any additional credits will be charged at the rate of the subscription plan ($5 or $6) at the end of each cycle.

How does the Free Trial or Lite Plan work?

With MaestraSuite Lite Plan, you get 30 credits per month with no credit card needed, and no time limit. You can stay with the Lite plan or upgrade to whichever plan you prefer.

What happens to my minutes if I cancel?

If you cancel your subscription, your minutes will stay in your account and you can continue using them until they run out.

My transcript didn’t come out well. What do I do?

To create a clean transcript, please make sure the audio is unobstructed and that the voices are clear. If there are any issues, we try to make it as easy as possible to edit them in our text editor.

How long does it take for a file to be transcribed?

The exact time depends on the file size, but it should take less time than the length of the initial video/recording.

What formats can I export in?

Exportable formats include: PDF, DOCX