Maestra's Online Caption Maker

Use Maestra to automatically caption your videos. Our AI-powered caption maker saves time by generating closed captions for your web content. Auto captions make your video content accessible for a global audience.

Maestra’s caption maker interface quickly creates subtitles in many languages.
Maestra’s interface is easy to use and allows you to add captions to video.
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Video upload then create subtitles sing Maestra's free version.
What Are Captions?

Captions are words that appear on a screen and provide the speech or sound portion of a program or video in the form of text. Maestra’s auto caption maker allows deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers to follow a program's dialogue and action at the same time.

Why Add Captions To Videos

Adding captions to your videos with our video caption maker allows you to reach a larger audience and helps your viewers better understand and consume your content. By using Maestra’s video caption maker to create captions for video and translating your captions automatically to 50+ languages, you can reach viewers all around the world.

Captions VS Subtitles

Captions are the text placed on a video to help viewers who cannot hear the content understand the content better. Auto generated subtitles allow viewers, who can hear the audio, an easier and more pleasant viewing, and listening experience.

Online Visibility

Having captions ensures your content's accessibility standards, Automatically created captions will also improve SEO by letting Google crawl your videos making it indexable.

How to create captions for your video?

Create your free account
Sign up now to Maestra automatic caption maker and transcribe 15 minutes of audio to text for free, no credit card required.
Upload your file to the caption generator
Easily upload your audio and video files by clicking "+ New Subtitle" on the homescreen and let our caption creator work its magic.
View and edit easily
Your caption will be created in just minutes with Maestra automatic caption maker. Easily edit your captions and make any necessary changes.
Export or share auto generated captions
Share automatically created captions online. Also you can export your captions in SubRip (.srt), WebVTT (.vtt), Scenarist (.scc), Spruce (.stl), Cheetah (.cap), Avid DS (.txt), PDF, TXT.
Maestra’s caption generator interface quickly gets subtitles for several languages

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Advantages of Maestra’s Caption Maker

Better Content, Bigger Potential

As we established, captions allow more people to consume content. They can be foreign viewers or viewers with hard-hearing. The point is that when content is more comprehensive and consumable by everyone, it automatically becomes better. Say you have an Instagram page and you want to improve your content, you can use Maestra’s caption software as your Instagram caption maker to automatically create captions and open your content to opportunities. And the opportunities are endless.

Simple to Use, Simple to Edit

Our online caption maker has a simple interface for users to utilize. Anything you want to change about the captions, you can change even while the video is going on. Alter the timecodes, merge or delete captions, enable or disable auto-translate to achieve your ideal result. All of these perks take no time to learn because everything is side by side and they are apparent to the user. For any other questions you might have regarding the software, our support is here to answer.

Instantly Create Captions

Normally, adding subtitles or captions to any kind of content is a tedious process and it takes a lot of time. But with Maestra’s industry-leading software you can generate captions instantly, remove any tedious process and obtain results. This allows you to focus on other stuff that might be more crucial to your work. Time is valuable in every field or work and Maestra’s caption maker will take a lot of time off your hands.

Learn by Generating Captions

Any kind of text format of a language, in this context, a subtitle or a caption can teach the viewer many things about that language. For example, how a phrase is formed in a specific context or the grammar and the vocabulary of a language can be learned more effectively when we have the text in front of us. Maestra’s caption generator lets you edit your captions, allowing for a thorough analysis and the option to add notes to remind yourself what you have learned.

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Maestra’s automatic caption maker will help you get more views and reach more viewers

Using Maestra’s online caption generator tools not only opens up your content to a wider audience but increases your SEO by enabling google to crawl your video.

Caption Editor

Easily Edit Your Captions

With Maestra’s caption editor you can easily make changes to your automatically created closed captions

  • Export as MP4 video with custom caption styling!
  • Export in SubRip (.srt), WebVTT (.vtt), Scenarist (.scc), Spruce (.stl), Cheetah (.cap), Avid DS (.txt), PDF, TXT
  • Audio Transcript Synchronization
  • Automatically Generated Timestamps
Maestra’s video caption generator interface quickly gets subtitles for several languages
Custom Styling
In addition to enabling you to add captions to video in a fast and easy way, Maestra also helps you edit your video by offering multiple fonts, sizes, and colors, as well as additional custom caption styling tools.
Simply click to add subtitles, change the font and upload to Youtube.
Embed Player
Use Maestra’s embeddable player to share your videos with automatically created captions, without having to download or export your video.

Click the Generate captions with a single click using with Maestra's advanced features. icon to view automatically created captions.

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Maestra's advanced tools allow your content to be more accessible.

Maestra Teams

Create Team-based channels with view and edit level permissions for your entire team & company. Collaborate and edit shared files with your colleagues in real-time.

Maestra's online video editor is one of the best online editors out there.

Collaborate and edit closed captions

Maestra's caption maker allows you to edit and share the auto created captions in a collaborative environment.

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Increase engagement and accessibility through Maestra's advanced features.


Process is completely automated and secure. Check our security page for more!

Multi-Channel Uploading

Create captions on your videos by pasting in a link or uploading from your device, Drive, Dropbox, or Instagram.

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Generate captions in
50+ Languages


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Works on any desktop browser, anywhere

With Maestra caption maker, save your work online and work on them from anywhere you need.

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Create captions with Maestra's video caption generator.
Maestra’s video caption generator interface quickly gets subtitles for several languages
I want to generate captions with Maestra.
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What comes to mind as Maestra being the go-to solution for our company is that it's such a time and money saver.

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"Maestra 100% worth the investment in captioning your videos"

Customer service is what sets them apart from the rest!

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The best side of this product is auto subtitling. And most importantly, it supports multiple languages.

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Maestra is just amazing! We were able to produce subtitles in multiple languages assisted by their platform. Multiple users were able to work and collaborate thanks to their super user-friendly interface.

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