Automatic Video Dubbing and Voiceover Services

Instantly voiceover your videos to 20+ languages

With Maestra video dubber you can automatically voiceover your videos to foreign languages using artificial intelligence and computer generated voices. Try now for free!

1 Upload and transcribe your file

Upload your files in any format. Your file will be automatically transcribed to captions.

2 Translate to 20+ languages

Automatically translate your caption to subtitles to 20+ languages at the press of a button.

3 Select and synthesize voices

Choose from a list of computer generated voices and dub your videos into the language of your choice.

4 Edit and export voiceovers

Easily edit timestamps and export or embed your voiceovers in the languages of your choice.

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Target Language

Maestra makes “foreign language voiceover dubbing” fast and simple.

Instead of waiting weeks, and spending thousands of dollars to voiceover and dub your videos to foreign languages, use Maestra video dubber to automatically voiceover your files in just minutes! Let Maestra be your automatic voiceover artist!


Interactive text editor

Easily edit your automatically generated captions and voiceovers in both English and the foreign languages of your choice, using our friendly and easy to use text editor. Maestra has a very high accuracy rate, but if there are some words that need to be fixed, you can easily fix them here.

  • Export in SRT, VTT, MP3, MP4
Audio to text proofread software
Embed Player
Easily embed your voiceovers on your website!

With Maestra video dubber you can easily embed your voiceovers on your own website. Allow viewers to choose between English and 20 other languages!

Click the icon to view automatically generated voices in different languages.

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Shared accounts

Access and share your account on multiple devices and with multiple people.


Process is completely automated and secure. Check our security page for more!

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Voiceover and dub your videos automatically with awesome features:

Automatic Speaker Detection

Our automatic voiceover and video dubbing software will not only voiceover audio automatically, but create speaker tags automatically for each speaker.

Translate to 20+ languages

Translate your audio into 20 languages using Maestra’s automatic translation and voiceover dubbing software.

Accurate Voiceovers

Maestra’s automatic speech recognition software has a very high accuracy rate, helping you save time when editing your subtitles and voice overs.

Fast Speeds

With Maestra’s automatic dubbing and voiceover services, your audio and video files will be subtitled and voiced over automatically in just minutes, not weeks.

Automatic video dubber is just for you:

Automatically voiceover online courses and educational content to reach students all over the world.

Voiceover your audio to be heard by listeners in different languages.

Voiceover your videos so you can reach viewers all over the world.

Voiceover corporate learning videos to educate your global workforce.

Reach a global audience by voicing over your speeches automatically to new languages.

Entertain your global viewers, by voicing over your videos in just minutes.

How to automatically voiceover and dub your videos to foreign languages:

Create your free account
Sign up now and automatically voiceover 30 minutes of video or audio for free, no credit card required.
Upload and caption your file
Easily upload your videos to be voice’d over by clicking “+ New Voiceover.” Your files will automatically be captioned to English.
Add foreign language subtitles
Choose which languages to automatically add subtitles in.
Select voices and voiceover your videos
Press “Synthesize” to generate voiceover. You can select the voices and accents that you’d like your viewers to hear. Then you can export or embed the voiceover.

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Start using Maestra’s automatic video dubbing software today!

Sign up for Maestra video dubber today, easily voiceover and dub your videos to 20+ languages using Maestra’s automatic video dubbing software. Maestra was built to be your automatic low cost voiceover artist!

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